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Re: Hugh Laurie To Record Blues Record

Samurai8472 wrote: View Post
I believe it's a Charity band but he started a band with Greg Gunberg from "Heroes"

Their name is "Band From TV"

Greg Grunberg - Drums
James Denton - Guitar
Bonnie Somerville - Vocals
Bob Guiney - Vocals
Hugh Laurie - Keyboard
Teri Hatcher - Vocals
Jesse Spencer - Fiddle
There are several more clips of the Band from TV on YouTube and they are actually well worth watching. Plus, it's kind of fun watching these guys who are much more well-known for other things having a good time playing music.

It really blows me away, how talented Hugh Laurie is - wonderful actor and comedian, talented musician who plays several instruments very well and sings. I understand he has even written a best-selling novel, although I have not read it. I should though - from what I have read, it's a spy novel, and that is my favorite genre.

Also, to this day I still can't get over how well he pulls off an American accent. With most British actors playing Americans and visa versa, you hear the occasional small slip, but not with Hugh Laurie - he is always the point where after all these years of House, when I now watch him in interviews done in his British accent, it is slightly unsettling. And I speak as someone who saw him in Blackadder and a couple of British movies. In well over 100 hours of American TV, he passes perfectly for an American. I think it's pretty impressive.

Really, the guy is so impressive in so many ways, it's incredible.
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