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Someone talked to Tony Oliver yesterday
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I spoke with Tony Oliver today. He's serving as a production/story consultant for the new series. Here's what he had to say: -The cast would have some big surprises. He wouldn't say outright that there would be some familiar faces but the implication was there. -He said Japanese purists of the Japanese versions of the sentai shows will like this version. This American version will apparently stay very true to the Japanese original. I asked him to clarify this pointing out that Shinkenger is very Japanese in tone and style especially with the look of the rangers and the morphin process, he acknowledged that and said it would be faithful to the Japanese version. -Said he was honored and very happy to be called in to work on it -We talked about the Gold Ranger and what a fun, different, and weird character he is.
I'm thinking the morphin sequence might be a cut and paste job like Wildforce's since Saban is known as a penny pincher This new bit of info has brought up words like "laziness" to "if it ain't broke don't fix it"
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So this season will indeed be totally Tzachor'd. Let the hating and *****ing begin.
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As long as they don't just copy plots beat for beat, pull a Wild Force with the cast, or just translate episode scripts directly from the Japanese counterpart, I won't really mind. But if this is just another lazy ass Sentai rip by Tzachor, I'll just finish watching Shinkenger subs and ignore the new season.
Just a bit of information, people hated Wildforce because it was almost a direct copy of Gaoranger. TimeForce also relied heavily on Timeranger for ideas and that was considered a good season.
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