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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

I see we've got to "how we feel about Firefly in general time". I've still not seen the last three episodes or Serenity, so my opinion is still partial, but I don't want to miss out:

So far, this is a series that I like a lot. The characters are generally likeable (in their own way) and interesting - Zoe, Jayne and Book are probably my favourites. I like the richness and diversity of the setting and I think the music complements it nicely.

There are some really good episodes as well, especially Out of Gas and Ariel. A few are so-so for me, but still likeable and I can easily forgive this in a first season.

To be honest, I was kind of wary of this show, even as I was looking forward to watching it, due to how vocal some of its more harcore fans can be (I like Mal, but it was a little offputting to see internet polls flooded with fans declaring him the greatest sci-fi hero of all time). However, it's appealing enough to overcome the hype.

Based on what I've seen, I think that if it had lasted longer it could have rivalled the likes of Trek, B5 and BSG. There's a huge amount of potential there and it would have really enhanced the sci-fi landscape of the last decade.
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