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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

LOL Thanks for asking!

There's not much picture worthy opportunities right now. We're supposed to head over to JCPenney and pick up a heavy duty curtain traverse rod to install this weekend on the turbolift doors. We've begun moving stuff out of the existing Fast Copy office so we can build the Ready Room set. It's rained every evening practically lately, making getting plywood impossible for the backdoor alcove, but we should be purchasing it Saturday or Sunday, again depending on the weather.

Editing for the vignette, "The Old Guys," has been completed by Tom Scott. He did an awesome job. Bill Walker is finishing up the special effects for the approach to Starbase 211. Ralph Miller says he wants the effects in it before he begins work on the sound. Once the effects are in it, we'll be sending it over to Steve Gallant and Andrew Morgan Smith for the music.

We've also shot "Care for a Lift?," a short turbolift vignett. We wanted to test out an older technology digital camera. The quality is grainy, but we're still going to release it to YouTube. It is in the backseat, so to speak, behind "The Old Guys." Bill Walker will be doing the editing of this one (and test some means of cleaning up the graininess).

I'm not going to put up a release date of any sort for either "The Old Guys" or "Care for a Lift" until we've released them. We're beginning to look at our Fall shooting schedule for "The Void" (our 30 mins episode). Looks like shooting will take place in November, with some in October and December. Shooting an episode like "The Void" will be tricky, especially with divergent schedules. Our plan literally is to shoot one side of the bridge on a Thursday, then shoot the other side of the bridge on a Friday, then shoot the front of the bridge on a Saturday, and finally shoot the back of the bridge on a Sunday, with any needed pickups on Monday.

We've secured a great location for building a corridor set, and that will be awesome. Won't have need of it yet, but it'll be something to work on when we're not shooting.

We've also had a couple of productions asking to use our bridge, and we're coming to an agreement on the terms, eg. NO PYROTECHNICS. LOL
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