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Re: AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Trailer (Frank Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd)

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and unable to "move on" in a parallel to the idea held by some that brain-dead person is not "really dead" until the body stops functioning also.
But in a very real sense, these zombies are exactly that. Their bodies HAVE stopped functioning.

A brain-dead person is still alive, because their bodies - brain included - are. There is no real such thing as "brain dead" and still being alive, because if the brain IS dead, it cannot sustain the body, and thus the body will die.

I admit my views on this are colored by my faith. The soul is not permanently attached to the body - somebody dies, they go to either Heaven or Hell, end of story. I would like to think that when we see these zombies in a movie, that still applies. It's not like somebody's attacked/bitten, then all they want to do is go rrarrarrararrr and eat brainz. There is no consciousness OR soul in the zombie. The person dies, they go to one place or the other, and that's it - a zombie is not controlled by anything at all, just like my example of a leaf floating around. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Once we bring spirituality and the supernatural into it, it's much easier to explain zombies by saying the reverse:

That the body has died [taking the higher functions of the brain with it] but the "soul" is somehow stuck and can't leave, and is carrying the body around like a puppet or marionette.

And since these are damned souls we're talking about, they aren't in good moods.
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