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Re: AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Trailer (Frank Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd)

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Do you believe that the zombies we typically see onscreen are still conscious?
I'll assume you're referring to the zombies of the Romero-universe, in which case I would say no. There is no consciousness, self-awareness or concept of identity.
What I was really after was, are they still aware *at all*? Or is it literally just the body moving around by itself, kind of like a leaf being blown by the wind?

To put it another way: When a person dies in a Romeroverse movie, do they actually come back, from their own POV, as a zombie, or do they go on to their final reward (i.e. their soul) whereas their body is just left?

In some of those movies (and in the 2004 remake), we see characters express fear at becoming a zombie. But if my suspicion is correct, they have nothing to be afraid of, for once they're dead, their consciousness or 'soul' moves on, and their body is all that's left - strictly on autopilot. They don't have to deal with "becoming" zombies, because the actual person is not there anymore - the zombie has no more consciousness than a piece of firewood. Get my drift?

Hmmm . . . It becomes an interesting philosophical conundrum. In my interpretation of the means by which the Undead become reanimated, there is no possibility for self-awareness, mind or consciousness. At the same time, if one assumes the existence of the "soul", it could be viewed as possible that the "soul" might remain tethered to the body, trapped as it were, and unable to "move on" in a parallel to the idea held by some that brain-dead person is not "really dead" until the body stops functioning also.

In my vision, the body HAS ceased to function as a living organism in every definable category. But it does open the possibility that some may see the "soul" as trapped in the body and "earth-bound" until it is released by destruction of the brain.
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