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Re: That Vulcan in Engineering?

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I don't think they were supposed to be the same character. Plus, that would be some hell of a harsh demotion to go from the Enterprise to Voyager.
Why? Wouldn't it be a promotion to go from an entry-level fix-it on the Enterprise to second in charge of the engineering section of a smaller ship, for example? And it's not like Voyager was a garbage scow, at the time it was among the fastest and most advanced ships in Starfleet.
But the Enterprise is the flagship and only the top graduates get to serve on it. Any other ship would be a step down regardless of rank.
That's just stupid. People get transferred in Starfleet all the time. Do you think that everyone who gets on the Enterprise stays there until they retire? Of course only the best graduates get on the flagship, but that's just because every ship needs low ranking members in order to have a functioning chain of command.

Again, to use a hypothetical, why would it be a demotion to go from being a Lt. in charge of transporters on the Enterprise to a Lt. Commander in charge of the engine room on an Akira class ship?
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