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Re: Sex & the gender gap

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'Huh? Care to explain that in more detail?'

You do have some problems with some things, don't you?
I have problems with people that can't express themselves properly yes, perhaps English is not your first language, but I assure you I have no problems understanding when people make themselves clear.

I've been asked out twice, and had no drinking money at the time. I don't think it's culturally as acceptable for women to to it, as in the US. I know some English guy who was amazed, when, after the Gulf War, as an admired Brit, he was offered a condom by an admiring US woman.
Not that bit. Why will you be a doormat for the rest of your life if a woman asks you out?

And are you sure you are not communicating with us from the 1950s?
At times, I wonder if I am not in the 13thC.

That's what I have seen, in some relationships, and that's what I can sense with some women, which is why I have steered clear of them, not wanting a meaty right hander for answering back, or her relatives to baseball bat my knees. I think it's just where I am, now, actually.
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