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Re: Sex & the gender gap

'Huh? Care to explain that in more detail?'

You do have some problems with some things, don't you? I've been asked out twice, and had no drinking money at the time. I don't think it's culturally as acceptable for women to to it, as in the US. I know some English guy who was amazed, when, after the Gulf War, as an admired Brit, he was offered a condom by an admiring US woman.

It may be because we are reserved, it may be because our women are still supposed to be chaste, but it is getting better. And, though I am not telepathic, and I sometimes wish I was, it is my distinct impression, that in some cases, the man is supposed to 'take the lead', to put it in the best way, and the woman is supposed to follow, meekly and subserviently.

No doubt they just jump on you.

Actually, as I've stated in my transmissions back to 'Orson', on planet Orc, quite a few times, that my impression is, that women in this country usually only ask men out if they are very good looking.
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