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Re: Sex & the gender gap

From what I hear, it was only a decade ago, that women could actually admit to liking sex. Women can even admit to watching porn, now. They say they don't mind if their boyfriend watches it.

I think that a woman could even have two boyfriends at once. Men can. Wasn't there a Christina Aguilera song about it? Wouldn't bother me, as long as she got the hosepipe out, before it was my 'day'.

I long for the day when women can come right out and say it, which I think they can do in the US, ask for a date. Women can do it in the UK, I guess, but if they do, you are going to be a doormat for the rest of your life. That awful pause, when you are supposed to do the 'right thing' and basically tell her what to think, which is supposed to be gentlemanly, as they are all supposed to be chaste. Awful.

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