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Re: Sex & the gender gap

There are still, even now in the alleged 21st Century, many gender myths that people subscribe to; the sexual appetites of men and women is only one. It ranges from men not asking directions and women being hard-wired for shopping to women not liking The Three Stooges and men not liking poetry. It's crippling to both genders. And the underlying reason that these myths are perpetuated is, as with most things, insecurity. People pick up and adopt these "masculine" or "feminine" behaviors as a substitute for their own identity; and, of course, criticizing the opposite sex for their so-called innate qualities gives them the illusion of superiority that they crave (also makes for easy jokes for lame comedians). Chauvinism is just like any other kind of prejudice.

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Women value discretion, too many men have big mouths.
That may be the funniest thing I've ever read on this board. Do you seriously believe that women don't talk about their sexual experiences with all of their friends, in excruciating detail?
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