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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

I was on board with Firefly from the beginning. I cancelled my cable the summer before Firefly aired, but I got my parents to tape the show for me. Unlike a lot of folks, in my area the show was never pre-empted by the World Series, and I got every aired episode on tape. I downloaded the additional episodes from Hello, Cowgirl before the DVD set was released, along with all the others, and watched them over and over on my computer & VHS tapes until the DVDs finally came out. Then there was the movie to look forward to. We had a huge countdown thread here in anticipation of Serenity, and it was SO much fun. Dragon*Con 2004 was absolutely unbelievable, lousy with Browncoats everywhere.

It was an amazing ride of fandom to go through - all for the love of this little show. It brought so many people together, facilitated so many friendships, boosted the careers of some truly talented and worthy performers. There aren't many fandoms that had such a pervasive influence, and none that did it on the basis of half a season of TV. Firefly is, in a word, SHINY.
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