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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

I came to Firefly after having already lived, loved, and rewatched Buffy and Angel religiously. So I was already a dyed in the wool Joss Whedon fan. I decided to pick up the DVD of Firefly one day on a whim (I missed the original broadcast). It was cheap so I figured 'why not'? I fell in love with this show, its universe, and its rich characters straight away. Firefly was the little show that couldn' far as the networks were concerned. But it most certainly could. What other show has such a fervent fanbase despite its half season, years after the fact?

I can only imagine the pain you guys who saw it first time around felt. I knew going in that I was only going to get half a season of episodes, and one movie, with these characters, so I knew to make every little moment last, and savour it all. FOX makes me so angry. I would have loved to see more of this universe. I was pissed when Angel was cancelled. Really pissed. The show had just reinvented itself, and was getting higher ratings, and yet being produced on a lower budget. What gives? I was pissed when Enterprise was cancelled, just when it was getting good. It was probably even worse in Firefly's case. At least Angel and ENT got five and four seasons respectively. These days, for a genre show, that's a pretty decent run. Firefly never had a goddamn chance on network TV. It should have been on cable or Sci Fi from the start. I can't believe Joss came crawling back to TV after what FOX did to him. At least the suits gave Dollhouse a second season, not wanting to repeat the mistake they made with Angel and Firefly.

Glad you enjoyed the show, Saturn, and I look forward to seeing what you think of the film. Dollhouse or Dr Horrible review thread next up?
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