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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

Just a quick note regarding this thread. Since we'll jump into September before next week's edition, I'll set up a new folder that covers most of what I call the "brrr" months. You know, Septembrrr, Octoberrrr, and Novembrrr.

If all this goes right, I hope to have an interesting nonTrek fan film to review next time. I've asked for a disk for me to use while reviewing. (I watch or listen to materials at least three times before I'm ready to write, once a day for three days, usually.)

Again, I hope this thread is as useful as I can make it. Also, don't be afraid to post something in this thread about a project I've missed. Or you can send me an email about it to

If I don't catch you before next Friday, have a great Labor Day weekend and stop by this folder to see if there's any new and fascinating (cough) items to enjoy!
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