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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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And when I try to preview my posts it just screws them up royally! Only one more to go anyway
absolutely perfect formatting see, now when you review Serenity (the movie, not the pilot), you'll have no complaints from us... at least as to the formatting

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Best line;
Simon; "My sisters a ship, we had a complicated childhood"

i'm not sure you experienced this (since it wasn't in your review), but i remember the first time i watched the show, i thought we had some really "high-concept" thing (like Brannon Braga high concept), and River had actually turned into the ship! needless to say, i felt very silly after

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Kinky dinky;
Early threatens to rape Kaylee to get her co-operation.
i'm gonna go with Trekker4747 with this one:

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This is... "kinky"




He threatens her with rape to convince her to help him, if she doesn't help him he's going to rape her to death! "You'll die crying/weaping."
i don't know where exactly you come from saturn5, but i'm pretty sure most normal people around these parts don't consider rape-to-the-death to be kinky

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Unfortunately some include him [Jubal] making good on his threats to Kaylee.
are you a fan of this fic
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Early's remark of " Maybe I've always been here?" is very The Shining.
that's very Kosh.

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It appears people eat horses in the future.

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I think this one gets mis-interpreted a lot. "If wishes were horses..." is a common expression meaning that "if wishes were as plentiful as horses we could have whatever we want."

I've never taken it to mean they "eat horses."
you would think a DS9 fan would already know that.

Thanks for reviewing the series. Interesting to see a Buffy fan's perspective on the whole thing. Looking forward to your review of the movie.

keep flying.
trust in the harper.
the harper is good.
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