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I'm a little surprised about that - not that he was gay, but that he left the show because of it. I always thought that the producers and crew liked him, which is why he hung around so much longer after everyone else on the original cast was replaced at least once by that point (except Tommy).

On the flipside, I never really like the original MMPR series mostly because of the lame storytelling. Acting was okay, and the action was great IMO, even though it was glaringly obvious when they used the Japanese footage versus the new stuff they filmed themselves (the grain on the Japanese film was just too easy to pick out). Later seasons seemed to correct this.

My favorite seasons are usually the ones where the Ranger team of the year was actually part of an organization of some sort - it always seemed wierd to me that some Rangers looked and behaved more like soldiers than superheroes when their outfits and technology obviously looked government-issue more than mystical creatues. As such, I like the Time Force, SPD and RPM series quite a bit, and even Lightspeed to a certain extent. OTOH, I'm a fan of giant robots and transformation sequences from most anime, so even casually tuning in to the less serious seasons satisfied me when the monster fightin' started.

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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