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David Yost the first blue ranger of the MMPR series did an interview for No Pink Spandex. He tells them why he left.

Apparently people on set kept on calling him a Fword and kept asking the actors if he was gay or not.

Which brings me to this. Various Power Ranger alumni with the NOH8 Campaign

Jackie Marchand; Writer/Producer (MMPRS3-RPM)
Alan Palmer; Corcus (MMAR [COLOR=Black]Black[/COLOR] Aquitar Ranger)
Michael Maize; In Space's Psycho Black
Vernon Wells; Time Force's Ransik
David de Lautour; RJ Finn, Jungle Fury [COLOR=Purple]Violet/Wolf[/COLOR] Ranger
Philip Jeanmarie; Max Cooper, Wild Force [COLOR=blue]Blue[/COLOR] Ranger

From the top

Erin Cahill; Jen Scotts, Time Force [COLOR=Magenta]Pink[/COLOR] Ranger

Patricia Ja Lee; Cassie Chan, [COLOR=Magenta]Pink[/COLOR] Space/Turbo Ranger

David Yost; Billy Cranston (MMPR [COLOR=Blue]Blue[/COLOR] Ranger)

Also the Yost interview hits TMZ
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