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Star Trek Online: TrekBBS Armada Allstar Championship

Hello to all Armada members, STO players and people who are genereally interested in the game.

TrekBBS Armada is a pretty sizeable fleet by now but a lot of people have been complaining about always being online alone anyway.

Reason enough for me to do something about that and make the whole fleet more active.

And now Cryptic has given me the means to do so with the new challenge feature.


Any member of the fleet is allowed to participate.

Participants will be allowed to use alternate characters as well as alternate starships during the games. Also Klingons are allowed.

The main part of the tournament will be PvP challenges against each other.

Players will be paired roughly at the same level as close as possible.

Players will start in groups earning points with each win. Best players proceed to a knockout stage.

Challenges will both be space and ground based.

Although there might also be a few surprise non combat challenges.

As a final highlight of the games there will be a mass starship race at the end. Any player can participate there again with a handicap depending on his challenge results. The race can only be played by Federation characters since klingons are much more limited in movement.

Final Winner will claim the Fleet Title ARMADA ALLSTAR CHAMPION, eternal glory and fame as well as a special surprise.

If you feel that you are up to the challenge please enlist here. I hope enough people will to make this tournament possible.

Anybody who is not yet part of the fleet or a player of the game can still participate, if he or she notifies me in time for an invite.

If you dont want to compete but dont want to miss the event anyway you are welcome to help me as referees and organizers.

Let's make this a success, folks.

Live long and prosper
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