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Re: Do ships in the Farscape universe have FTL?

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Some people would consider that bare bones stuff to be poor writing, which shows how subjective any babble can be. I mean, look at how people keep criticizing District 9 for not explaining how that alien fluid stuff worked.

I mean, lawyer shows and medical shows are full of legibabble and medibabble but no one cares.
Personally I think so long as a given project is internally consistent and at least have a vague notion of how things are supposed to work (but not necessarily *why* they work) and work in accordance with an established tone of the subject matter then you can get away with pretty much anything. All science fictions shows/films/books/etc. establish a certain envelope of how far "real" science, how much speculative science and how much pure inventive (read: "magic") science figures into their fictional world,.

Farscape was often about really crazy, insane stuff happening to people who had little or no idea what the hell was going on and mostly didn't care so long as they could run away from it as fast as possible. As a result, beyond some very basic precepts they were free to pretty much do what they want and that really worked to it's credit because they didn't have to waste time trying to explain things that really didn't matter. In that regard it's very much in a similar vein as Red Dwarf that treated the bug-eyed monsters and the "big swirly things" with a wink and a nod.
Two prominent examples in Farscape I can think of that exemplify Farscape's attitude and tone come from a episode where Talyn is swallowed by a boodong and the episode where everyone gets shrunk down and put inside jars by some bounty hunters.

In the first instance there's an exchange between Crichton and Crais: -
Crichton: "Down, do we want to be going down?"
Crais: "We have no notion of which way is up and which way is down."
Crichton: "Yo, Jonah, we are been swallowed that is
And in the latter you have an exchange between Rygel and Sikozu where Sikozu reasons that it's not physically possible to be shrunk.: -
Sikozu: "This isn't happening because it is not possible . . . I simply cannot comprehend how-"
Rygel: "-Neither can I. Who cares? We're here, they did it, and that's that . . . I've been around long enough to know how ignorant I am. I don't assume the universe obeys my preconceptions.
But I know a frelling fact when it hits me in the face!"
Star Trek suffered because it tried to rationalise and explain how and why something worked when it really didn't matter. From what I gather, people like Sternbach did their best to steer things towards more relatable science concepts but most of the time I don't think many of the writers or producers understood or cared, so we mostly ended up with a bunch of gibberish with the words "trans", "meta" and "phase" tacked on the front or back of it.

Red Dwarf was very good at poking fun at this kind of thing.
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