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Re: Do ships in the Farscape universe have FTL?

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Well, NuBSG's FTL is pretty much just a teleport machine that zaps you in the blink of an eye rather than accelerate you anywhere.

It's like the Teleport Engine from that 90s CGI show, Shadow Raiders.

Trek would be better if they dumped all the technobabble

"Captain: Get us out of here"
Some guy: Something's malfunctioning
Captain: I don't care, make it work and get us out of here"

"Captain: we're under attack, fire back, hurt them
Some guy: their shields are up
Captain: improvise
Some guy: I could try manually teching the tech right after I tech the tech
Captain: less talking, more doing"
Some people would consider that bare bones stuff to be poor writing, which shows how subjective any babble can be. I mean, look at how people keep criticizing District 9 for not explaining how that alien fluid stuff worked.

I mean, lawyer shows and medical shows are full of legibabble and medibabble but no one cares.
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