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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Were you there in the stadium? I watched it on tv and the support of the Sampdoria fans came across just phenomenally, it was hugely impressive.
I wasn't in the stadium. Regarding fan support, keep in mind that our stadium is currently being renovated and the 'Ostkurve' is in mid-construction and lacked a roof (many 'Ultras' were distributed all over the place). Without a roof, the support was bound to sound weaker. Still, the atmosphere in the Weserstadion could be better overall.

The Sampdoria fans were quite impressive though. Based on what I've heard, they were really good fans that I'd love to see again in Bremen. A bit of too much "dying on the pitch" from some of their players, but the Sampdoria fans were quite nice and are welcome again if we meet them in the future.

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Uh-oh, Iasius is probably opening up the hard liquor right about now.
Still lots of time left though.
I was away from home since last Wednesday, helping my sister move*. I just got home yesterday afternoon. On Tuesday, I turned on the TV at 21.15 when Sampdoria was already 2:0 up at home. I went to bed at half-time, thinking that with that level of play Werder definitely wouldn't make it (shame on me).

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Well, Bremen made it quite exciting, but deserved it imo; brave fight by Sampdoria though. If Bayern had qualified for the CL like that I would have said "typical".
However, I couldn't sleep and went downstairs again to watch the rest of the match at around minute 75.

I'm glad I did. This was really the kind of match I've come to expect from Werder over the last years. In some ways it was similar to our defeat in the EL last season when we drew 1-1 in the away match in Valencia and then drew 4-4 at home after being down 1-3 ... except with a happy ending.

Being a Werder Bremen fan is not for the weak of heart.

I hope Rapid can win their second leg today against Villa. Austria (the country ) has been doing really well in UEFA competitions last year and I hope this will continue this year, especially with Rapid (I also like the colors ).

Another good year, and you could see additional CL spots for the Bundesliga (the other one ).

Besides, your team has earned a place in my heart with your demolition of HSV at home last season. Shame you couldn't repeat that away.

* I can also expect another niece or nephew next spring if all goes well. It was really great being around my niece for a week.
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