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Re: If Braga had a chance to do "Endgame" over again...

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The fact is, Brannon Braga isn't a rape victim and we can all agree that he is Homerically insensitive, as evidenced by most of Voyager.
I'm sorry but I don't nor do I believe it's an actual fact.

You can't base someones content of character based on what's written for a TV show. Things are written many times to involk emotions from the audience, it's doesn't mean those writing it believe it themselves. Writers don't need to read message boards because we aren't the sole audience of Trek. They base much of what they do from ratings and if ratings are strong for Borg eps., then they'll keep doing them because the audience has given them their answer based on that. Much of the ep. "Muse" w/ Be'Lanna was done to convey such things to us.
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