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Re: The Time Lord Compendium

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You don't need to convince me the book is gonna rock...I've been waiting for something like this for quite some time since Doctor Who returned. While the Tardis Handbook was entertaining it wasn't a technical manual like I thought it would be, more of inside guide to the Tardis and it's history.
I shall strive to be a bit more schematically inclined with this compendium, and give you what you want..

I am going to be adding in some stuff that may or may not be kosher to some in the fan community.. you see, I believe that the time lords had colony worlds under their control.. ship yards.. and maybe even off world sectors devoted to the different those things will be featured in the book..

some things will be form the novels, but only parts I deem relevant to the time lord history and do not contradict the show..

Admiral_Young wrote:
To go off top for a moment...I really loved your DC and Marvel stuff, especially the Crime Syndicate concepts. I have long had an idea to do my own Crime Syndicate story but have never gotten around to it. I also dug your Kirk and Spock.
thanks man, I am glad you like my take on some of those characters.. It really was a passion of mine to try and capture the DC universe.. it is my favourite of the big 2 comic companies..classic 80's marvel was my choice, but has since changed to DC, they just are better a their stories of late.. crisis, 52, blackest night series... just amazing!
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