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Re: The Time Lord Compendium

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OMFG you weren't kidding were you (not that I ever thought you were mind you This is incredible. Simply incredible. You seriously need to put a pitch together to BBC Books or get a literary agent to do it. Or seriously consider self publishing this because I would buy this in an instant. I'm going to enjoy the fuck out of this...and further installments Is there any chance that these could be converted from png to jpeg's?
Wow dude! thanks for the praise.. I am humbled.. the pages you see above will be shown later in the Time Lord Compendium, so as I go further and update this thread it will start from the beginning of the book, and then as we go along you will see those pages show up again.. in the Tardis Type 40 section.. as for converting it to JPEG.. I may do that, though I prefer to wait till I am ready to upload it to my other deviant art site, and it will be available for download..

I would love to make some cash off this, but it isn't my property, and for the most part, I am just doing this as a fan, and to get other fans a cool guide to technology, and schematics of the Time Lords.. though the BBC holds the ultimate patent on the idea..what I am doing is simply taking what we already know, and have seen, and creating a book which chronicles all of that into one neat guide..with my own schematic art thrown in..

So stay tuned Brotha! I got lots more a comin'

Admiral_Young wrote:'re name is Adam too? I checked out your deviant art page. Excellent stuff.
yep that is my real name.. I like Adam, Adams are cool.. hehehehe..

I am glad you visited my DA site.. now you see my other art work..and you have an idea of what I can do.. muahahahahaa!! this book will totally rock I assure you!

I wil be uploading the new Time Lord compendium from beginning to end here on this forum, as I do, I will also make it available for download on my other deviant art you and others can go there and get it in high resolution and get it printed professionally at a local kinkos or something.. or by yourself..either way it will be available.. so stay tuned, each time I upload to this thread will be 5 pages at a time.. each week, until the book is finished..

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