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Re: Kings of Leon Music Will NOT Be On Glee

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Yet another case of musicians picking and choosing what they consider to be selling out. Theyre okay to whore themselves on every chat show on the circuit when their next album is coming out but god forbid they should allow a fun, cheesey, light hearted massive hit to use one of their songs.

Yawn. SO over KoL.
You really can't compare a band performing their own material as musical guests on chat TV to allowing it to be performed by other people on a fiction show. It's perfectly reasonable for them to distinguish between those two uses of their music and it's perfectly reasonable to promote yourself on chat shows if you are a professional musician. Performing your own music as a musician for the public isn't selling out, that constitutes a large part of the point of being a musician, as does selling your records to people.

No offence, but a lot of the complaints here just sound like sour grapes that people think this band is insulting something that they like, people should not take it so personally. They put a lot of effort into writing and recording their music, and they don't want a bunch of kids popping it up for a TV show, they want to control where it is used. So what?!
So it goes.
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