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Re: where to start?

I've just returned to the New Earth series, which is set between The Motion Picture and Wrath of Khan. I never finished the third book when it came out. On rereading, the first and second are excellent, and TOS Trek really at its finest. I can see why I got bogged down in the third, but I'm about finished and it's outstanding too.

I'm afraid that I don't much care for the current state of affairs in Trek Lit. Lots of people absolutely LOVE the Titan series. If you're a Riker or Troi fan, it may be for you.

I am a fan of the Vanguard series, but it's not the main Trek characters and it's set early in TOS's run.

Otherwise, I really think that Trek Lit's hayday was in the 8 years between The Motion Picture and the start of TNG.
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