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Do ships in the Farscape universe have FTL?

I have always wondered this, and I'm re-watching the entire series again, having one of my SCIFI marathons of old shows I like to watch again. I can't figure out though if the likes of Command Carriers and such, and Moya etc.. have FTL?

Obviously Moya has "Starburst", and this is an uncontrolled form of FTL, but the range is never explained is it?

Other than Starburst, how do ships get around to other planets out there? They must have a form of FTL in order to get to other star systems in that part of the galaxy. Obviously it isn't too fast or they would have gotten to Earth already, but they have to have a form of FTL to get around, right? For example, Moya travels to other star systems without Starburst, so she too must be able to travel faster than light? Could that be what the "Hetch" drive is?
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