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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

60. Brief Encounter (B+)
61. Iron Man 2 (B+)
62. The Lion in Winter (A-)
63. Unforgiven (A+)
64. Harry Brown (B+)
65. Toy Story 3 (A+)
66. Letters from Iwo Jima (A+)
67. Inception(A-)
68. Bullets Over Broadway (A-)
69. Scott Pilgrim versus the World (A)

Between this and Kick-Ass (which wasn't in quite the same league as this film), I think it's becoming evident that wider audiences aren't nearly as interested in the more offbeat comics properties as a lot of people would wish (particularly those people who think these offbeat properties represent the saviours of the North American comics industry). Too bad, really, because this is quite an excellent film. It was just fun to go to the multiplex and see a major studio film set in Canada (even if it is Toronto), even down to the restaurant chains (though Tim's would have been more appropriate than Second Cup). Michael Cera is quite good in the lead part (he gets a lot of flak for always doing the same character, including here, but Scott is really very different from Cera's typical sort if you pay attention). The other actors are quite fun too - the film has a very well-developed supporting cast, several of whom you'd really like to see more. The villains are generally good, though they really do get rid of the three best ones first (the hilarious Bollywood guy, Chris Evans, and Brandon Routh).
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