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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

saturn5 wrote:
I write the review out on Word first so I HAVE to choose a font!
Just for the record, the font the board uses is Trebuchet MS. However, choosing this font in Word won't get rid of the tags you get from copying/pasting from Word.

A humble suggestion that will make a lot of people happy, and perhaps prevent Trekker4747's apoplexy. :

Use Notepad to type your posts instead of Word. Notepad is a simple little text program that comes installed with Windows. You can find it in Start->Programs->Accessories->Notepad. What using this program does for you is allows you to have JUST text - no codes, no formatting, no nothing. Copying and pasting from Notepad gives you "naked" text that will work in any context. It's really the best way to transfer text from your computer to online.

Once you've pasted your review's text in the Message box on the board, you can use the board's editor to add any formatting you want, like bold or underline. You are stuck with the default font though. It's one of the most appealing aspects of the board, that you don't have all the extra clutter of giant text or multi-colored strangeness.

Enjoying the reviews, by the way, though I will add my voice to the votes that say you don't need all the statistical tallies. Those things are fine to include in, for example, a website resource where someone might go to look for that information. But a good review is not a list of this happened/that happened. It's the opportunity to express your opinion - what you liked, what you didn't like, how it compares to similar shows, etc. Fun quotes and/or a BRIEF synopsis are good - they remind the reader of what you're reviewing (for those who can't connect episode titles to plots in their memory). Other than that, the best reviews just tell the reader what you think. And by posting them in a message board environment, the you get the great opportunity to get feedback from your readers - both on your content, and your presentation.

Glad you're enjoying the show! Brings back fond memories.
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