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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Shared Practices"

^^ Hmmm, he strikes me as far less "acid" and hot tempered than McCoy, more integrated into a settled outlook (but then he has a Cardassian's social hierarchial instincts). He also seems to me somewhat more weary and subdued, but yes, I do certainly see something of the good doctor McCoy in him - that deep concern for life that's wrapped in a cynical outlook. Slightly bitter but also strangely good-humoured old-man grumpiness ("I'm NOT having luck with blue people today" ). Plus of course "I'm a doctor, not a--", though I liked that here it's got a more sober twist with "monster", giving the unfortunate reputation of Cardassian doctors (thanks to Moset and his ilk being more visible to aliens than the normal doctors). That also helps emphasise the dark setting- I mean, it's a war; any good doctor hates this sort of thing on general theoretical terms, no matter how necessary it might be in practice. But I think McCoy is far more angry at the universe than Istep. Istep's more controlled, I think, less - well, as I said, less acid. Perhaps it's because McCoy doesn't have the Cardassian social instincts, and that he lives in a tolerant culture where he doesn't have to resort to shouting at the Order in his head, so he can show it openly. But Istep...I don't know. He seems more comfortable in himself than McCoy, and so less...exaggerated. I hope that makes sense.

Great piece as always, Nerys.

(I'll have to speak to Thor about mine/his...)

EDIT: Oh, she beat me to it!
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