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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Funny example, since Space 1999 was scanned in HD years ago... (not sure if it was released on disc, but it's certainly been on HD telly).
Interesting, I'm sure its not on Blu-ray...but it must look absolutely awful on HDTV, even if scanned from film..that's the main reason for TOS-R. Someone didn't really care too much about the end product..
Well, someone who's worked with the DWRT (mentioned above) supervised rhe rescanning & clean-up:

Oh, and apparently it will be released on Bluray this year:

Neat, but again, as with Dr Who they are going for a "video" look even though its available in 35mm film!!! They do seem to be putting a lot of care into the project, and it just goes to show what you can do when the right "raw" material is available in the proper format. I still think the FX portions will look awful if they haven't been re-made...even for a show almost 10 yrs TOS's junior.

EDIT: You know it occurs to me,they prob didn't do a lot of compositing on that might be almost exclusively models with a that case the FX would be fine on that point, but the nature of the models might also be more apparent.

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