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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Hee hee. tau136 you put it so well:
Oh and Kes; nice job in balancing exactly what works, what's damaged and what's a goner on each ship. I can imagine you, almost, with a pile of little pieces on your desk. That's for Sol ... That's for Luna ... Leave this bit out ...
It's one messed up jigsaw puzzle for sure. Almost we have enough bits for one ship alas we have two. And when we see the damage and the situation as even viewed through the eyes of a cool and calm Vulcan we are hit with how badly off both ships are and yet how lucky they appear to have been. It's a worrying sign for down the road that the enemies out there are just so formidable. That's gulp moment waiting for us down the line.

Of course, that depends on them getting out of this one alive as they are far from doing yet. There are plenty of people unaccounted for and many of them civilians and we somehow have to get them off the Sol in the next :insert countdown timeframe here: YIPES! I'm putting down a 100 bucks here that the rescue and evacuation is not going to go smoothly. Any takers?? No! No? Surely we all don't think kes7 is that evil? ... I guess we do.

But man oh man! What a great piece. From the foul-mouthed and fiery personality of JQ to the more poised and calm precision of T'Pring we have two contrasts in charge. It makes for a compelling contrast and an even more vivid picture of what is happening. I loved both POVs and think they added so much to the overall effect. Smart thinking and great command skills shown by both, poor T'Pring's skills are probably going to be overshadowed by the far younger and more inexperienced JQ stepping big time up to the command plate. After the various doubts about his decisions, even 'voiced' by T'Pring, we see him take charge and make smart moves others would have missed. Terrific stuff. Excellent.
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