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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Finally we learn something of what has been going on; tho not who or what the mysterious attackers were. Tesseract might be a heavy hitter but losing both your starships in one go is going to put a wrinkle in anyoneís day. Thatís regardless of them sort of scraping; by thanks to, as our Vulcan nicely described it, a lucky shot. Doesnít TíPring come across as the typical Vulcan though. JQís aplomb has to be down to his training at the handís of another Vulcan (Tuvok) not anything else.

JQ is tracking his learning curve well ó from the immediate catastrophe and ruthless response (with about the least crew possible) in the last chapter to him beginning to marshal a coherent response and pick up on a larger team thru to the linkage and interaction with the Luna. After we have been left to draw our own conclusions about JQ for at least a chapter and a half we begin to see him thru anotherís eyes; one who has no hesitation in analysing his entire history quite dispassionately. What a study in contrast he is for sure; highly effective in a highly charged situation and holding onto essentials that slip by others (the shuttles) yet at the same time hamstringing himself by making a running tally of The Missing and taking each one his personal charge.

In the supermarket here one magazine is doing a special on Ryan Tubridy (chat show host) and, in some ways, the chapter is another magazine piece . . . on JQ. Thereís the teaser of A Hard Day at The Office thru to A Workmateís View. JQ seen thru all possible prisms.

Oh and ó Kes; nice job in balancing exactly what works, what's damaged and what's a goner on each ship. I can imagine you, almost, with a pile of little pieces on your desk. That's for Sol ... That's for Luna ... Leave this bit out ...
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