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Re: New Trek Series?

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I'd love to see a new trek. set after voyager, but not a starfleet ship. How about regular people in the trek uni trying to make a living, encountering things they can't handle instead of always comming up with some brilliant plan to always come out on top.
I read that as first as like a Trek University, like Starfleet academy. I know that's not what you meant but it reminded me of one of the ideas going around before Enterprise was finally announced. Basically set in the Academy following a bunch of young recruits through their student days and all the stuff they get up to. Something like the first part of Trek XI or that episode of TNG when Wesley gets involved in that crash with Nick Locarno (Tom Paris, but younger, sort of).

I reckon it would be great, something completely different and appeal to a new younger Generation. You know, Frat parties, trying to buy a keg of Romulan Ale for the weekend party round Stifler's Mom's place. Losing their Virginity to some hot Orion slave girl. Klingon band camp...possibilities are endless.
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