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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Hey, good to see you back here, oldstredshrtevr! I'm sufficiently unfamiliar with Enterprise (working on it, though!) that I didn't realize the Malik thing until it was too late. Oh, well. *shrugs* There are other duplicate names in Trek, too, so at least I'm in good company. So glad you liked the chapter, and Ryzal (who played little more than a bit part here, but I love that you love him). As for their lack of caution ... one of Icheb's greatest strengths AND weaknesses is his innate confidence. Sometimes life sneaks up on him because of it. Unfortunately, this time, it sneaked up on eight other people right along with him.

Thank you so much for the enthusiastic review ... and you cross-posted with a new chapter, so now there's more for you to enjoy (guilt free)!
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