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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II


oooooh! saw that coming a mile away.

*Grins* so not! Love the - what do I call it? Juxtaposition? Irony? Adele gets blindsided by Beckley (I was hoping to see him skulking about!) and they both (?) get taken unawares by Malik. It's one of those things where you knew in RETROSPECT you should have been more cautious. But that won't help right now - huh? Oh yeeesh!

I can't help but be struck by the fact that Malik was the name of one of Dr. Sung's human augments in Enterprise.

Completely off-topic - I also love Ryzal.

I've been so swamped by RL it's wonderful to peek in and find this lovely nugget! Fewer calories and guilt than chocolate! Unlike chocolate - carrying it around in your head as you mull things over - it won't end up on your butt or thighs!

Thank you for another wonderful chapter Kes7!!! Love your new av!


didn't even see the newest chapter! it's like freakin' Christmas around here!

I won't say JQ is a surprise. We've known him a little while and know he wouldn't be where he is if he wasn't made of stern enough stuff - but it is great to see him come into his own; as it were. You never really know how you'll handle a catastrophe until you handle a catastrophe! Bravo JQ - we knew you had it in ya!

Funny/sweet/odd that T'Pring sees Tuvok's influence in JQ's command of the situation at hand! Even Vulcans believe what they wish . . .
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