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Re: The Law Returns. This Time With His Helmet On! Judge Dredd!

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Characters with odd names is actually a bid of a tradition. Dredd is silly enough when you think about is but there are plenty others. My favourite example is Dredd's current sidekick/protege: Judge America Beeny.
In the "Origins" storyline, there's a bit where it is mentioned that the surname "Dredd" was selected for Joe and Rico with the intention of instilling fear in the populace (obviously an after-the-fact justification, but then one of the goals of the story was to apply some patches to Dredd's (dis)continuity; ironically, it just raises the question of why everyone called the original Rico by his first name and why it was used on his badge ).

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There is an unnamed female Chief Judge in the script and the way she's written in the two scenes she appears it sounds like it's supposed to be Hersey, but it could conceivably be a pre-Long Walk McGruder.
Heh, how about making it the post-Long Walk McGruder and slap a beard on the poor actress and make her talk in the first-person plural about herself!
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