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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

I write the review out on Word first so I HAVE to choose a font!
As for Saffron her face looks fine to me.
You don't actualy. Well, you don't have to type into the window the font you want, select it from the drop-down menu in the tool bar.

Are you one of the ones who does the very camp screaming at any female form that isn't skeletal? I seem to remember there was another one but you're firming up in my memory (and crosshairs) as I write.
I prefer women more on the "meaty" side and less on the "skeletal side", yes. But Hendricks is too top heavy for my "tastes." Her overall figure (hips, etc.) is fine but her chest is just too big for what I "like" they don't even seem porportional to her body. Though, IIRC, they are natural. She's not my type. All I can do is shrug and say that's that. She doesn't have a very pretty face, she's not my type and the only reason why I think anyone gives her a second look is that she has them in the first place.

She's "pretty" sure, I guess. But overall, she leaves me cold. Inara, Kaylee and Zoe all have a lot more in the looks department than Yosaffbridge has.
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