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Re: If Braga had a chance to do "Endgame" over again...

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As for Seven dying... Meh, the whole 'redemption through sacrificing yourself for your crew' has become such a cliche, particularly in Trek. Why can't someone achieve redemption and go on living? Seven didn't need to die... they just shouldn't have hooked her up with Chakotay - that was stupid.
I agree. Get rid of that plus come up with a story that didn't involve either the borg or time travel and you could have had a decent finale.
No way.

Mulgrew & Krige together onscreen IMO is one of the best moments in Voyager. I'd never want to loose that. Plus, I'd rather end the series watching the unimatrix complex blow up than having the series come full circle and see the Kazon & Ocampia again.
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