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The Time Lord Compendium (unofficial)

Okay Guys, as many of you know, I was working on a Tardis Manual book, where by I would detail the Tardis page by page, and utilizing the Classic series Tardis, attempt in my own meager way to define that wondrous ship..

But as time has gone by, and with the Inclusion of the Bowships, the friends asking for a detailed design of the Time Lord citadel, and their robes, Rassilon's Tower, Time Lord Language, Rassilon's Weaponry, Space Station Zenobia, War Tardises and More..

I have decided to change the Tardis Manual into a massive Compendium of Time Lord Technology for fan consumption..

So below, I have uploaded the first four pages of what used to be the Tardis Manual, the numbers at the bottom of the page will be rewritten as to fit into the new Time Lord Compendium, instead of the Tardis Manual I was once going to do..

the Time Lord Compendium will be researched, and double checked to make sure what I put together is accurate and correct, but I will also be injecting designs, and theory where there is an absence of information, or the various sources of information are not useful....

How is this thread different from the Doctor Who schematics thread? Easy, this one only centers on the Time Lords themselves, while the other is all about any space ship and tech seen in the Doctor Who universe..

anyhow, here is the first four pages of the tardis section that will be integrated into the Time Lord Compendium. I hope you guys like them..

At the End of my book, I will have a resource guide which will site and give credit to every resource I have accessed and used to do this I am constantly writing down where each information tidbit is derived to give credit where it is owed..

again, just to let you guys know, this was going to be a tardis manual book, but will be incorporated into a Time Lord compendium book..

the chapters will be a brief history, and cover the vampire wars, and early days of exploration, the creation of time travel, and the hand of omega..In addition to a planetary map and solar system guide, and city guides..(the master's family lands, and the doctor's family lands.)

the history and the creation of the massive shield and citadel of the time lords, and the various rooms, and halls of their great city.. fold-out schematics included..

the Academy designs, and schematics

the Bowship construction yards, and Gallifreyan Colonies.

The Proto-TARDIS
The Type 40 Tardis (in detail)
The Rani's Tardis Type 80 (the most widely used Tardis)
Type 92 War Tardis
Type 100 Compassion (sentient Tardis)
Type 102 (Mass Produced Sentient War-Tardises)

War Tardis Docking bays, and the War Tardis construction yards.

The Refitted Bowships and support craft (time war era).

Time War Era-Cruciform
The Moment

Evolution of the Chancellery Guard to the Chancellery Army (cloned supermen)

all this will be included in the Time Lord compendium I am working on.. as well as a cool cover for the book..

this thread will serve as a useful tool to get fan feedback and assist me in making this dream book a reality.. I hope you guys are ready for some crazy design images..this is going to be a long haul, but so worth the effort..

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