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Re: If Braga had a chance to do "Endgame" over again...

I got two words for you...

Vaughn Armstrong.

Meet the Clumps beat Star Trek First Contact for best special effects at the Academy Awards.

You don't see the connection?

Roles portrayed by Vaughn Armstrong...

Telek Rimor from Eye of the needle.
Alpha Hirogen from Flesh and Blood
Vidiian Captain from Fury
2 of fricking 9 from Survival instinct

And not to forget SESKAL from a couple episodes of Deep Space Nine!


Gul Dunar from DS9 Past Prologue
Korris from TNG's Heart of Glory

And possibly for the cherry on top: the great grand son of Maxwell Forrest, if not Forrest himself in old man make up, pushing 300 as he welcomes Kathy home, as a teaser/spoiler for Enterprise if they had him cast for that yet or even if they hadn't because they should have.

What if in Voyagers finale, Vaughn played all of these characters AGAIN, SIMULTANEOUSLY during the course of some Endgame story AND Korath (as well?), who it seems was a character from the Las Vegas Experience which is just shameless cross advertising and not as pointless a waste of time as I thought after all.

Y'know... Like how Eddie played half a dozen rolls in meet the Clumps?

Wouldn't that have been grand?

One guy in lots of roles and outrageous make up TRUMPS Borg.

A fact proven at the Oscars.

But honestly if they were going to recast their Borg Queen, then their first call should have been to Jennifer Lien.
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