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Re: If Braga had a chance to do "Endgame" over again...

If Braga got the chance to do Endgame again, he would do better to change the whole stupid and highly problematic storyline of Janeway coming back to change the past... And to think of some better and dramatically more satisfying, less Deus-ex-machina-like way to bring Voyager home.

As for Seven dying... Meh, the whole 'redemption through sacrificing yourself for your crew' has become such a cliche, particularly in Trek. Why can't someone achieve redemption and go on living? Seven didn't need to die... they just shouldn't have hooked her up with Chakotay - that was stupid.

Janeway dying for her crew would be just as cliche and unnecessary, but the older Janeway from the future dying was even worse because it was such a cop-out. We have the captain die AND stay alive (because there's two of them!). Great way to have your cake and eat it.

I'd also like to see Voyager crew after they got back home... I'd like to see how they would cope with it, how would the Maquis be treated, how would Seven and Icheb adjust, would some members of the crew find it difficult to adjust after so much time spent in the Delta Quadrant, trying to get back home. You've been trying to get back home for so long, what do you do now you are home.
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