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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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The bad;

an awful lot of fun to be had, as Mal says at the end, it's a good day
This is going to be hard for you to appreciate, but I vividly remember crying after watching Trash, The Message, and Heart of Gold, when they were posted to the Internet.

You see, Trash (and the others) were not broadcast on TV. The last episode aired second week of December 2002, but even before that, we knew the show was on it's last legs. A week after Objects in Space, the show was dead.

And then like manna from heaven, Trash and the other two were posted online. And for a moment it was like we were still flying. And so, when Mal said Good Day, Good Day, I just couldn't contain myself.

It was eight (eight!) years ago. But it feels like yesterday.
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