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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

Look...the CBS guy says it WILL happen...its a question of overcoming a few problems. I can see WHY it will happen...STNG is its most popular ST "product"...they want to release it on HD as much as they did TOS, if not more so...they are going to make it happen. This is not Space 1999 or The was a BIG show with high ratings. They have the crew that worked on it more or less intact to supervise if necessary. HD formats, primarily Blue-ray are obviously the future and they will want to continue the ongoing popularity and moneymaking of ST. Also, the FX will probably be "state-of-art", and will be great quality, as opposed to the holding back on TOS-R to make it appear to date from the 60s. I think they'll be looking to exercise some of the top capabilities of CBS Digital.

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