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Re: New FREE Star Trek TOS game now available!

Hey again

Thanks for the feedback... Couple of tips which may help out:

When in the shuttle the mouse will be pretty much dead unless you are thrusting at the same time. Try left hand on wasd and right hand on mouse... Hold w while panning the mouse around to steer. When trying to chase down enemy ships use the reverse a lot to keep enemies in sight. So a lot of alternating between w and s while steering. Then a quick tap of the other mouse button will fire your weapon. Once you get onto it a bit you'll see it's quite maneuverable.

When walking, again use wasd and mouse together as with flying. The mouse buttons are interchangeable as well, meaning you can do the holding down on either button then the other bfn will become the fire btn. Anyhow try that and see if it helps.

There are some walls still missing collision so yes you may go through some. We're hunting those down and fixing them. The shuttle bay doors do not have collision either so be careful on the edge

Any questions comments etc just use the contact form on the website or email me directly at Paul.r.Weston on gmail.

It's exciting to have people playing this, I look forward to hearing more and providing more for you all to try as we get more done.

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