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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Except then you're missing the whole point of the project, which is to create HD versions of TNG. The new FX are, unfortunately, necessary to accomplish that goal, but the new FX themselves aren't the purpose of the project.
Depends on how you define "new FX" - transporter/replicator effects, phaser shots and the like would need to be redone from scratch, true; but all the model shots were done on 35mm, and could be recomposited/reedited with the rest of the footage if the will existed* - they'll need to recomposite every viewscreen & monitor shot anyway.

[*The new CGI ship shots for TOS were required because they used the film episode masters, with umpteen layers/generations of compositing artefacts visible. Since equivalent masters don't exist for TNG, using the original model shots is peversely more achievable despite the extra work.]
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