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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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I don't really care if they "enhance" it. And for remastering I'd settle for cleaning it up a bit.
What would be the point of "cleaning up" videotape footage.

My only problem with the DVDs is how pixelated everything looks--especially the nacelles/engines and the credit fonts. Sometimes the credits are unreadable.
The picture can't get much better unless they go back to the filmed footage. The best the series could ever look is "Trials and Tribble-ations" from the TOS blu-ray; and it doesn't look all that much better from the DVD version. Most people wouldn';t even notice a difference in the picture quality. THat would hardly justify spending any kind of money on this project just for people to say, "Yeah... I think it looks a little clearer."

You have to go back to the film. That means reediting every episode all over again.
YARN wrote: View Post
Indeed, you might redo some dodgy effects shots and then add in a little grain and noise to make it match the rest of the shots. You could redo all the exterior shots and just fuzz them up enough to have the viewer believe they were watching the same show.
Except then you're missing the whole point of the project, which is to create HD versions of TNG. The new FX are, unfortunately, necessary to accomplish that goal, but the new FX themselves aren't the purpose of the project.
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