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Re: Trek comic caption contest #4: States of Undress


CAROL: "Where are you going, why are you leaving, after all that we've been through?...Won't you think of me, I'll think of you, don't throw it all away!...I'll quit my job, I'll have your children, you'll work hard, I'll spend your millions! Hey, no pressure, you've got time, just DON'T MAKE ME WAIT!!!" (with apologies to Meredith Brooks)

KIRK: "Sweet jumpin' Jeezus...Kirk to Enterprise, ONE to beam up!"

PICARD: "Merde! Pissed the bed again! Gotta watch that Chateau Picard 2343; does it every time... Getting older sucks!"

COMPUTER: "Captain, excessive moisture sensors indicate that you have pissed the bed yet again. You must watch that Chateau Picard 2343; it does it to you every single time. You're not getting any younger, you know."

ORION: "Why haven't you called me! You know how jealous that makes us Orion women!"

KIRK: "Motherfu-"

"We LOVE our group-sized Barbarella-style Orgasmotron! Hit us again, Scotty!"
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