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Re: If Braga had a chance to do "Endgame" over again...

Wesley Crusher had the best line in the Guild... "Are you skull fucking me? Oh my god! You're skull fucking me!"

The Doctor was left alone with her severed head for quite some time in Timeless but it didn't seem he considered expressing his love then, now that she wasn't in a position to reject him.

I'm not sure why they bothered with the Admirals disease when the infinite regress thingy, and the disease they gave icheb or what they did to Hugh would have sufficed just as well without causing the demise of whosoever was selected to be the trojan horse to walk this deadly weapon in through the front gates.

Kill Seven.

Go ahead.

See if I care.

It wouldn't have changed much, except that Admiral Janeway would have got a kicking from the Indian. "Whoop de doo! you killed my girlfriend so I wouldn't lose my wife? Are you defective! A moron!? An idiot!? Fuck it, I'm going back to stop you interfering because you made a shitty shitty mess of every thing!"

Then he punches a woman in her mid 70s and steals her time machine.

Has any one considered that Admiral Janeway came back moments after Chell was given free range in the mess because Chell was given free range of the mess?
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