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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

Maria Hill would be great as would be Sharon Carter or maybe we'll see Abigail Brand who is a Joss creation and Agent of Sword who deal with interstellar affairs. I think Gwenyth has stated that she won't be in "Avengers" a couple of months ago. Maybe the Contessa Valentina Allegra di Fontaine who has been portrayed up until Maria Hill debuted as Nick Fury's deputy director I believe and one of his most trusted agents. I like the idea of Liv Tyler reprising her role as Betty Ross but it would probably be in a minimal capacity depending on how Banner and Hulk are used.

Interesting that multiple facets of Avengers comics will be used in the film which doesn't surprise me. I've always suspected that we'll get a combination of 616 and Ultimate universe stuff in the film.
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